Eero Overheating

Why My eero Overheating What should I Do?

The Eero Pro 6 is one of the best mesh Wi-Fi routers on the market because it has a powerful built-in Wi-Fi support system. Also, the mesh Wi-Fi router promises better internet signal reception, speeding up the internet and keeping the connection stable. But this router tends to get too hot, so let’s see what can be done to stop eero overheating from happening.

Eero Pro 6 is getting too hot

1. Air Vents

Routers are made with air vents to ensure air flows well, which is important to keep the router cool. These vents help control the router’s internal temperatures by letting hot air out and cool air in. It’s important to keep the internal circuitry cool, so the hot air has to go somewhere. But over time, dust and small particles get stuck in these vents, blocking the airflow and causing the car to overheat. Because of this, you should clean the air vents with a toothbrush to get the dust-out. Once the dust is gone, the airflow will be smooth, which means the router will cool down.

2. The number of devices that are linked

The second thing that can cause an eero running hot is the number of devices that are connected to it. Most of the time, the problem is caused by clicking too many things on the routers at once. This is because the Eero Pro 6 has a limit on how many devices can be connected. If too many devices are connected, the internal circuitry will have to work faster, which can cause the device to overheat. So, it’s best to cut down on the number of devices connected, and don’t forget to disconnect some wireless access points, which use more power and cause the router to get too hot.

3. Environment

The environment is the third reason. For example, if you put the router in a place where the temperature is too high, it could get too hot and break. This is why your router gets too hot in the summer when you don’t have the air conditioner or fan running. So, turn on the cooling equipment and don’t put the router too close to other electronic devices that also make heat. So, the router will also cool down if you make the room a bit colder.

4. Change the location of the installation

Change where the router is set up. This is the fourth thing you can try by making your eero router very hot. The router is more likely to get hot if installed in a small space. So, it’s best to take the router off and put it somewhere open or with many airflows to ensure the airflow isn’t blocked. In particular, you shouldn’t put the router in baskets, closets, or cabinets. Instead, you can use a wall mount to put the router on the wall.

5. Fan to Cool

The last thing you can do is use a fan. The cooling fan is portable and can be connected directly to keep it from eero router overheating and to help move air around. The best thing about using a cooling fan is that it is cheap and easy to set up.

Some common signs of being too hot are:

  • dropped connections
  • slower speeds
  • unreliability
  • hardware failure
  • the smell of burned plastic

This trick makes it easy to clean your router.

The best way to clean a router is to use a can of compressed air to blow out its vents. You can buy compressed air online or at any store that sells electronics or office supplies.

First, unplug it from the wall and all the cables that are attached to it. Look for the air vents on your router. Most of the time, these are on your router’s sides, bottom, or back. Check that the router is turned off.

Now, while holding the can upright, point it straight at the vents from about an inch away and spray them in short, quick bursts.

That should get rid of all the dirt and dust that is preventing the router from getting air. After that, use a small handheld vacuum to clean it up and give it a quick wipe down, and it should be ready to use again.

It’s best to clean your router (and modem) once a month, but you should also check the vents often for dust buildup. Clean the eero overheating as often as you need to.

How to prevent From eero overheating

You can try the following steps to keep your eero 6, eero 6+, eero Pro 6, or eero Pro 6E from eero pro overheating:

1. Don’t put your router in a closed space, like inside the cabinet. Instead, give the device much room to breathe so the heat can escape easily.

2. Don’t put your eero on top of another device running because the heat from the other device will go through the bottom of the router.

3. Don’t put a cloth or anything else on the eero. If not, it will be hard for the heat inside to go away.

4. To help cool down, the bottom of your Eero 6 needs to be open. So, you shouldn’t put it on a bed, a cushion, or anywhere else with a soft surface that will keep the heat in.

5. Don’t put your router in the direct sun.

6. You shouldn’t put the eero near a heater, fireplace, or anything else that makes heat in your home.

7. Eero recommends using the power adapter that comes with your router. Using a different adapter might not work correctly, which could cause your router to overheat.

If you have other problem related to eero overheating visit eero Dashboard.

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