Eero Not Working

My eero Not Working: What should I Do?

Eero is an effective WiFi system without a doubt. Every room in your home has access to the internet thanks to its connections with other Eeros. But if you’re having trouble connecting to the Eero WiFi network lacking the need for an internet connection, this tutorial will show you how to fix it. This guide will answer all your queries related to eero not working. 

Eero abruptly goes down because the modem is unable to connect to the internet. Therefore, read this article through to the finish if you’re seeking troubleshooting techniques.

Why Does My Eero not working?

Do you see issues such as eero wifi not working? Well, your Eero may sometimes lose connection to the internet but continue to transmit WiFi signals. Additionally, you don’t get any notifications until you load a website or refresh your social network feed. Due to the lack of internet, the Eero WiFi network may not provide any benefits. These possible causes of this dysfunction include:

  • Bad Internet Service
  • Eero Connectivity Issues
  • Hardware Issues

Why is My Eero WiFi Red?

A red light on your Eero means there is no internet connection and you will get a popup notification stating eero internet not working. Additionally, when in this mode, the Eero gadget is always searching for a reliable internet connection. So let’s solve Eero by doing the following troubleshooting procedures.

How Do I Fix My Eero WiFi?

Eero devices have a number of potential problems. You must thus keep an eye out for various strategies or professional advice. You may repair your Eero WiFi using the techniques listed below.

Restart Eero Routers and Modem (Power Cycle)

Soft resetting the Eero routers is the first option. The modem must also be restarted. For minor software and connection problems, restarting Eero and the modem should do the trick. As an added complication, you must reboot each gadget independently. Why? Due to the fact that Eero is not a router, it will simply replace your current WiFi network. It only means that your current router will be obsolete and replaced with the Eeros.

In addition, an internet cable must be used to link the Eero gateway to your existing internet service, whether it is cable or DSL. The modem connects you to the internet through your internet provider (ISP). Since both devices have ethernet ports, you may link them to have access to the internet.

These are the procedures to be followed when cycling the power.

  • Turn the Eero power on
  • Power down by pulling the plug from the wall.
  • Please be patient and hold on for ten to twenty seconds.
  • Connect the plug again. eero white light will flash on and off.
  • To stop the blinking, please wait for the light to become steady white. Once you see that message, you know the Eero has booted up normally again.
  • Reboot the Modem
  • Pull the plug on the wall where your modem is plugged in.
  • Ten to fifteen seconds is a reasonable amount of time to wait.
  • Reconnect the cord now.
  • Connect your devices to Eero WiFi after the power & internet connection lights have stabilized.
  • In certain cases, resetting both devices might restore communication. However, you should get in touch with your internet service provider if you are experiencing issues with the quality of the connection they are providing you.

So, if the connections are functioning properly and the issue persists, let’s continue on to the next troubleshooting technique.

Check Bridge Mode

With the bridge mode enabled, the Eero network may communicate with any modem or router. This functionality is intrinsic to the system. If you have a professional Eero installer set up your network, they will also activate bridge mode. Still, it’s possible that you disabled the bridge mode by mistake. Because of this, switching the bridge mode may cause new connection problems. So, set your Eero to bridge mode.

  • Open the Eero app and toggle eero in Bridge Mode on.
  • You should start by downloading the Eero mobile application on your smartphone.
  • Select “Settings” now. Placement: lower right corner.
  • Tap on the Detailed button.
  • Choose DHCP & NAT from the menu of further configurations.
  • Replace Automatic with Bridge or Manual as your preferred mode.
  • Then, choose the Save option.
  • Try reconnecting to the Eero after you’ve activated bridge mode.

The Eero router should be hard reset if the problem persists after other troubleshooting steps.

Hard Reset Eero Router

When you do a hard reset on an Eero, it will eliminate itself from the network along with all of the Eeros’ settings, logs, and sessions. In addition, the whole Eero network will be deleted if the gateway is hard reset. Accordingly, another Eero device should be used in place of the gateway. Furthermore, the Eero’s network performance is improved after a reset.

Ways to Hard Reset Eero Wifi

  • It’s time to find the button that resets everything.
  • If the LED light isn’t blinking red, keep pushing the button.
  • Put down the trigger now.
  • The blue LED indicator will begin flashing. That confirms that the Eero gadget has been successfully reset. You may proceed with the installation procedure at this time. Make sure the Eero secure function is activated so that your wireless network is protected from unwanted users.

In addition, the Eero connection will be disabled, and all linked devices will be lost.


Check if the Eero is functioning properly by trying each of the aforementioned troubleshooting steps. In the event that you are still having trouble connecting, you should contact experts and state issues such as eero not working. We have expert technicians that can repair your Eero router. Visit eero dashboard page now!

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