Eero Firmware Update

How do I update my eero firmware? Let’s Do It!

Your eero WiFi system will continuously improve thanks to our frequent software upgrades. All of the newest fixes and improvements, including those to features and security, are made available to your eeros in these updates. We will progressively push out updates to our users as soon as they become available. In addition to automatic network updates, the eero app may allow you to do manual updates as necessary. Let us get more insight about the eero firmware update in detail. Keep reading this blog -: 

Can I update my eeros right after setting up my network?

Yes! There will be a blue popup at the very top of a eero app asking whether you’d want to Update immediately once you’ve set up the new network. Simply tapping this button will update your network to the most recent version of eero OS. Touch the X on the prompt’s left side if you’d rather schedule the update for a later time or opt for automatic updating of your eeros while you sleep. After initial installation, your eero network may be updated as described below.

  • Launch the eero app & choose the gear icon from the menu.
  • Select the Updates tab
  • If you notice the Update option, you may use it to bring your eero network up to current with the most recent operating system.
  • Don’t panic if you can’t find Update. This just indicates that you are using the most recent version of available software on your machine.
  • Don’t freak out if you can’t find Update. Simply put, this implies that your computer is running the most recent software available for it.

What conditions must be met in order to employ user-initiated software updates?

If you want to maintain and go for an eero manual firmware update from your Android or iOS smartphone, you’ll need to make sure you have the most recent version of the eero app loaded (at least version 1.2). Also, check that now the eeros you want to upgrade are online & linked to your network. Verify this by looking at the bottom side of the monitoring screen in the eero app for a green circle around the eero symbols.

If your eero’s status ring is red, it means the device is not connected to the internet and would not update. If you need additional guidance with this matter, go here.

What do I do if I’m adding a new eero to my existing network?

Addition of a second or third Eero to a network sometimes necessitates updating all of the Eero devices on the network. After we’re done installing your new eero, we’ll see whether it has to be updated right away and verify the firmware version. The new eero will function with the software already in place on your network thanks to the automatic upgrades.

How long does a software update typically take?

It typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes for eero software update. The time it takes to update will vary based on factors such as the speed of your internet, the distance among your eeros, and the amount of network activity taking place at the same time.

Your eeros will automatically download the update and restart once it is complete. The great news is that normal network functionality will be maintained during the vast bulk of the upgrade process. In certain cases, a reboot of your eeros may cause a brief interruption of service (about 90 seconds).

Ways to Fix Eero Firmware Update Issues 

It may take longer than you anticipate to eero Firmware update on your eero. There’s a chance that the update won’t install at all. Check out our troubleshooting guide if you’re experiencing any of these issues.

  • If you’re patient enough, the first thing you should do is let the firmware update finish if it’s still happening. You may try updating your smartphone while you sleep, while you’re at school or work, or while you’re out doing errands.
  • In the event that the firmware upgrade fails to complete, you may try rebooting your modem & eero router. That will force your network connection to reboot, which may speed things up. To perform a power cycle, disconnect the electronics from the wall sockets. When updating your eero router, don’t pull the power until the process is complete. Instead, you should wait until the upgrade fails before proceeding.
  • Alternatively, you may use the eero app to rename your wireless network. By doing so, the eero network will be off, which may hasten the update.


It is no wonder now that updating the eero firmware is an easy task. Thus, when it comes to real-time updates with the eero there might be some concerns that need special attention. If you want eero Firmware update then it’s better to consult with the experts. They can help you with the right solution and do all the things seamlessly. To better know about us, visit dashboard.eero.

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