Change Eero Gateway

How To Change eero Gateway: Let’s Do It!

One of the most common things that every eero user might search on the internet is how to change eero gateway. Well, there can be a plethora of reasons to do the same and we are not asking you to explain it. But we do know that it is important to do it in the right way otherwise you might end up doing something unfeasible. Without adding any new eeros to your network, this instruction will assist you Change eero Gateway (the one linked directly to your modem) for another eero in your current network. Keep reading this write-up for more!

Change eero Gateway using an Already Installed One

Here we have lined up a series of steps that would help you to eero change gateway using the installed system. Keep reading!

  • Choose an eero on your network to replace the gateway.
  • Unplug modem.
  • Turn off the non-modem-connected secondary Eero.
  • Power off the gateway eero.
  • Power the modem and wait for it to connect.
  • Ethernet wire the modem and new gateway.
  • Power the replacement gateway.
  • Let the eero boot and connect.
  • As your connection assigns the new gateway, your eero network may take 10 minutes to reconnect.

Getting a New Gateway eero

Steps to change gateway eero without any hassle, the one linked directly to your modem:

  • Launch eero.
  • Tap the top-right blue + symbol.
  • Tap Add/Replace eero Devices.
  • Tap Replace eero Device.
  • Choose a replacement eero.
  • To replace, follow the setup instructions.
  • Let the new eero boot and connect.
  • As your network designates the fresh eero as the gateway, it may take 10 minutes to get back up (main eero).

Note: If you’re utilizing PPPoE (see this article), you may be asked to re-enter your passwords during the gateway change. The new eero should start your network! After that, you may use the swapped-out gateway (old eero) as yet another eero on an existing network or give it to a family member or friend to build their own network.

What is the Specific Gateway?

A default gateway is a network or router node in a computer networking system that forwards data packets to the target host when no next hop IP address is defined in the routing table.

When one network needs to deliver data packets to another, the gateway will operate as an access point. This involves changing system IP addresses and subnet masks and network topologies.

Each network component keeps a routing table that specifies which port or interface will be used for communication, the rules to be followed, and the route to take to transmit data packets.

If an IP packet at a node doesn’t locate the right rules and route to transport it to the target address, it will use the default gateway. The default route defines the default gateway. The router that connects a small office or home network to the Web acts as a gateway for all network components.

Gateway Not Available Issue

This issue is mostly faced by the eero users who wish to use it with the web. However, there are multitude of methods that are available to do the same. Let’s know more about them -: 

Solution 1: Uninstall all MacAfee software.

McAfee antivirus software on the PC may cause the “default gateway is not accessible” message. To fix this, go to your PC’s control panel, click programs, then choose programs and features.

Select McAfee from this choice and uninstall it. Uninstalling this software will fix it. Other security solutions help keep your machine virus-free.

Solution 2: Disable Windows auto-login.

Auto-logon, a new function of the user’s Windows account, was employed before the PC stopped. This clash with Windows network settings causes the “default gateway is not accessible” problem. Disable the function or eero login with a password to prevent it from automatically taking it.

Solution 3: Update network adapter drivers.

If you’re seeing “default gateway is not accessible,” your PC’s network adapter drivers require updating. This may fix your problem, but it may not. Install the driver software from your hardware manufacturer’s official website.

Steps to follow:

  • PC device management.
  • Right-click the caption to expand the network adaptor.
  • After expanding it, you can click the update driver program option from the secondary menu to see your driver version.
  • Select this option to find preconfigured driver software.
  • Download appropriate software.

Manually seek and download updated software if the automatic search fails. This will definitely help you to fix the issue. 


If you want to change eero gateway IP address then you should know that there can be issues after changing. One of those issues in the eero Gateway is not available. So, make sure you are following the above mentioned solutions to overcome such errors. Apart from this, you can follow the aforementioned steps for safely changing the eero gateway. We hope this blog has turned out to be useful for you in the right manner.

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