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How do I cancel eero secure WIFI subscription?

You can remove your data through the eero mobile application and cancel your eero account if that is something you wish to do (it requires versions 6.18.0 or later of the eero App). You can also request to have your account closed and your data deleted by sending an email to or by contacting eero Customer Service at the appropriate telephone number mentioned above. Both of these options of cancel eero secure are available to you. Please be aware that the results of this technique cannot be reversed as it is irreversible.

If you choose to delete your Eero account, once your account has been deleted, you will no longer have access to any Eero devices or services linked with your closed account. If you want to know how to cancel eero secure, follow the tips. These are the following:

Your account will have all Eero networks it owns, along with the settings for those networks, removed.

All eero subscriptions linked with your accounts, such as eero Secure and eero Secure+, will be terminated without a return unless our rules or the law compels the termination.

You will no longer have access to any Eero networks that you previously had administrative permission to control.

As soon as your account is destroyed, the networks, services, and other data associated with it will no longer be accessible, and they will not be able to be recovered. Because eero cannot recover any accounts that have been destroyed, you need to be sure that you want to follow these actions before moving forward. Your Eero network(s) will become inaccessible to the internet, and any devices linked to those networks will no longer be able to connect via the offline Eero network (s).

You will be required to create a new eero account if you later decide to use products or services that need an eero account.

In addition, if you acquired your Eero device(s) from a service provider that you still want to use (such as your Internet Service Provider), deleting your Eero account may disrupt your account with that service provider. If you experience any service disruptions, your service provider will not be able to reestablish or establish an eero secure trial account on your behalf.

To delete your account, please follow the actions that are listed below:

  • Launch the eero software application.
  • Tap on Settings
  • Select the options icon under Account.
  • Tap the ‘Delete account and data’ option at the bottom of the Account settings screen.
  • Tap the checkbox that says “I wish to permanently terminate my account and erase my data” when you have finished reading the provided information.

Click the option labeled “Delete account and data.”

If you do not already have an operational network, you can proceed with the steps that are outlined below:

Launch the eero app and select the “Already have an account?” option to eero dashboard login.

Tap the “I wish to delete my account and data” button at the bottom of the screen once you have successfully logged in.

Tap the checkbox that says “I wish to permanently terminate my account and erase my data” when you have finished reading the provided information.

You must know that Eero is authorized or legally obligated to keep particular data, such as an order’s history. We do this under applicable legislation, including tax and accounting compliance and fraud prevention. If you have linked your Amazon and Eero accounts or purchased or received your Eero products or services from another entity (such as Amazon or your internet service provider), then these entities may control data. You may also wish to exercise your data rights with those entities directly to ensure your rights are protected.

A few things worthy of mention are as follows:

During the checkout process, you will see a notification that your 30-day free access will automatically convert into a monthly or annual plan, depending on your initial pick. This plan will continue to auto-renew unless and until you cancel it. If you would want to cancel eero secure trial, please be sure to cancel according to the procedures given above. The eero Subscription Terms of Service is where you will find all the information you require.

At this time, the website is the ONLY place where monthly plans can be purchased.

If you made your purchase through mobile and would like to switch to a Monthly plan, please follow the steps above to cancel your mobile subscription and sign up for an account on If you made your purchase through mobile, please follow the steps above to cancel eero secure and cancel your mobile subscription.

It is important to note that within the same subscription tier, eero does not permit downgrading from an annual membership to a monthly subscription (e.g., eero Plus).

You’re all set! Now that you’ve upgraded to eero Plus, you can immediately begin using all its features and benefits.

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