Eero Multiple Networks

How Do I Add & Manage eero Multiple Networks Under My Account?

Every Eero network comes with a default configuration that assigns a single email address as the network’s owner. The user who has access to this email address can use the eero mobile app to log in and view the current status of the network, as well as set up a guest network and make other adjustments, We recommend you learn about managing eero multiple networks in your home.

Maybe you want other people in your household to be able to do the same thing, or maybe you occasionally need assistance with your wifi from someone who does not live with you. In either case, sharing your password will allow others to access it.

If you have the eero Plus subscription, you will be able to use it with all of the networks associated with your account, including up to five different networks. You must apply any configurations to each network because similar to other settings, the eero Plus settings do not carry over from eero multiple networks.

Eero Plus will not function on networks operating in bridge mode or located outside of the United States and Canada.

What steps do I need to take to add new networks to my account?

You can set up additional eero networks by following these steps, provided that you already have an eero account and network configured:

Launch the eero app and select Settings from the menu in the bottom right corner.

Select Switch Networks from the menu on the page’s bottom.

To add another network, tap the button that says “Add another network” at the very bottom of the screen.

You will then be brought to the Gateway Setup screen, which will guide you through the process of configuring your new network once it has been created.

What is the best way to manage eero multiple networks?

To toggle between the different Eero networks:

Launch the eero app and select Settings from the menu in the bottom right corner.

Select Switch Networks from the menu on the page’s bottom.

Select the network to which you would like to switch by tapping it.

You have the ability to add up to 10 additional administrators by using the Eero mobile app.

What Actions Are Authorized for an Administrator?

Administrators are granted access to most of the multiple eero network settings, including parental controls and the guest network. When logged into the eero app, it is not necessary to be physically present in the home or log onto the wireless network being managed. This means that the user can perform this action from any location.

Keep in mind that an Eero WiFi administrator will have a significant amount of control over your network and visibility into a significant portion of the activities that are taking place, such as which devices have been using the network. You should only give administrative privileges to people in your immediate family or other helpers in whom you have complete faith.

As the network owner, you are the only person who can perform certain operations, and one of those operations is adding administrators. There is a possibility that some of the people you add will not invite others (or remove you as an owner).

It is not possible for administrators to:

You can view other administrators, invite them, or remove them.

Delete the eero network.

Eero devices should be removed from the network.

How to Include Someone as an Administrator

Open the eero app

Select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears at the very bottom of the screen.

To view network users, select that option from the menu that appears.

Select Invite an admin.

Tap Invite admin on the information page that appears after clicking the button.

A QR code will be provided to you at this time.

It is now possible for the person you want to invite to scan this code directly from your phone if they are standing in close proximity to you. Tap the Generate a new code button between each scan if you invite more than one person into the room.

In the event that you need to extend the invitation eero setup multiple networks to someone else:

Tap Share invite link.

Include the person’s name who you would like to invite to the event. This is only used to identify the invite within your app so that you can check to see eero set up multiple if the recipient has accepted or declined the invitation.

You are free to use any messaging app on your phone, including email and text messaging, when choosing how to distribute the invite link.

The remaining steps of the setup procedure are the responsibility of the individual you invite. They can complete these steps of multiple eero network not beacons by pressing the link, scanning the QR code, and following the displayed instructions.

Each invitation is good for a period of two days, and you can view all open invitations in the section of the eero multiple Network users page that is dedicated to you.

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