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What Does Flashing Blue Light On eero Mean? How To Fix eero Blue Light!

Using an eero mesh system is one approach to increase the speed and coverage of your WiFi network. This is the most reliable method for ensuring that every room in your house has access to the internet. Many people are happy with their eero systems, but occasionally people have issues with their eero devices. The eero Blue Light is one of the problems they sometimes encounter.

This post will elaborate on the meaning of the flashing blue light on eero and the solutions you might try.

The eero blue light on my Eero keeps blinking; what gives?

Officially, the blue blinking light on your eero means that Bluetooth is actively broadcasting. When this light is on, the eero node is in pairing mode and ready to be added to your network.

In most cases, this is not an issue, but if it persists over time, we must address it.

Eero blue light keeps blinking; what can I do?

Happily, there are a few solutions to the “eero blue light” problem. On the other hand, if you are not very technically savvy and are concerned about breaking something, you should contact support. They can help you fix the problem by connecting to your computer online or sending a professional to your location. This is the most foolproof method to resolve network problems like this.

On the other hand, here are some things to do if this occurs on the weekend, when you are in a rush, or the help is unavailable for whatever reason. One choice is to wait for use, but another is to take care of the problem independently.

Browse the options below and pick the ones you feel comfortable attempting if you still feel lost. An eero flashing blue on the eero might be quickly resolved by using one of these solutions.

Verify All Cables

We understand that you haven’t changed a thing or moved your equipment, yet a faulty connection can still cause issues. You’ll have a hard time seeing it, and it’ll undermine your efforts regardless of what you do next. That’s why you must double-check every cable and plug to ensure it’s securely attached and functioning correctly.

Having Connection Problems with Your ISP?

In an emergency, you should see if your ISP is offline. Your eero can stop operating if they have changed their network settings, are performing maintenance on their system, are experiencing a power loss, or if there is an outage in your specific location (s).

If you are experiencing an outage, please check with your Internet service provider (ISP) by calling their helpline or logging onto your account. Downdetector is one such website where customers may report problems they are experiencing with their Internet Service Providers.

Please be patient if there is a power outage. Soon, things will go back to normal. Nonetheless, you can attempt the suggestions below if you’ve established no downtime.

You Should Reboot Your Eero’s Power Supply

Power cycling your Eero should be one of your first options when troubleshooting any issues you may be having with it.

A simple removal of the eero’s power cord will accomplish this. Disconnect the power cable and wait 30-60 seconds before reconnecting it. See if the eero flashing blue light has stopped once it has finished booting up entirely. Usually, it will stop blinking, but if it doesn’t, try the next option.

If your Eero system has become unstable, try restarting it.

Resetting your network with the eero app is a simple process.

This guide assumes that you’ve already downloaded the eero app and created an account. If so, you can access the eero app after you’ve unlocked your phone.

The next step is to select Settings.

Just scroll down a bit and click the Advanced button.

Again, scroll down and select the Reset button.

Press Restart Network from this option and tap it again to confirm.

Don’t be alarmed if you lose your internet connection while the system reboots.

To Reset the Eero (s)

Rebooting the eero nodes is a typical troubleshooting solution that may help with the eero Blue Light.

This is simple to accomplish using either the eero app or the reset button on the eero. This reset button may be on the back or the bottom of your eero, depending on your model. Each eero node (or beacon) has a reset button on the left side.

Reconfigure Your Eero Network With Your Current Router

Do your best to set up the eero by connecting it to your current router. Join it to your modem after you’ve finished the installation process. After entering your broadband connection information, the eero blinking blue light should stop, and your eero network will function normally.

Closing Statements

We trust that the eero Blue Light on your eero has been fixed. After attempting the solutions we’ve outlined, if the problem persists, the gadget in question may be defective. In that case, please visit dashboard.eero to support or your Internet service provider’s help team and describe the issue in detail. We have complete faith in their ability to solve the problem and assist you in its resolution.

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