Frequently ASK Questions

What is eero?

Eero is the world’s first whole-home Wi-Fi system. It gives every room in your house fast, secure Wi-Fi. When you buy the eero wall-to-wall system, Glo Fiber will install the equipment needed to cover your whole home with Wi-Fi. You can use a simple app on your phone or tablet to control your eero Wi-Fi.

How does eero Secure work?

Eero Secure is a paid service that adds to the built-in security of your eero router to help keep your personal information, connected devices, and kids safe online. With eero Secure, you can get advanced control over your network and all your devices without buying extra hardware.

What is the eero app for mobile?

The eero app can be used on both iOS and Android. Every eero user needs to have the eero App on their own device so they can manage, troubleshoot, and change their eero network.

What products does eero have now?

Eero products on the market are as follows:


  • Perfect for setting up an Eero network and adding or replacing Eero devices.
  • Support for more than 120 devices
  • The most important parts are the Tri-band (50% better hop performance than Gen 1), USB-C power adapter, and two gigabit Ethernet ports. eero Beacon
  • Perfect for adding to an existing network or for places where wires are not practical
  • Support for more than 120 devices
  • Some of the most important parts are: It’s small and works well, has a built-in plug (so no wires!) and a night light.
  • Currently, you can’t use any Ethernet port as a network gateway.

What makes eero worth using?

In the past two years, eero has been praised for its security, design, and customer experience, both in and out of the app. And now, with a second-generation product, you can get one that is more advanced and costs even less.

Set up in minutes and easy to use:

  • It’s easy to set up eero. It’s easy to do with our app, and anyone can do it.
  • You must download the app, plug in your eero, and follow our easy steps. In 10 minutes, your Wi-Fi will be better.
  • Once you’ve set up our app, you can control and monitor anything. Two of our most popular features are real-time data usage and a “pause” button that lets you limit screen time during dinner or homework.

Stays new, gets better:

  • We promise that your eero experience will always improve, and automatic software updates are how we keep that promise. So far, we’ve implemented more than 30 updates to enhance features, security, and performance.
  • We listen to what our clients say. We have a support team that keeps track of all feature requests and listens to what our customers are saying in our online community.
    Included in security:
  • Through regular updates, eero ensures that your network is always safe from threats.
  • You will never have to download an update to fix a security problem because we take care of it automatically.
  • And if you want to protect your devices and network, you can get eero Plus, a set of security tools that includes malware blocking and content filtering.
  • Entertainment-grade Wi-Fi:

    • Eero is made to make sure that all of your devices work, especially when streaming music and shows.
    • With eero, you’ll forget what it means to “buffer.”

What devices can be used with eero?

Like other routers, eero works with all the devices you connect.

If your device is not on this list, don’t worry. Even so, it should still work fine with eero. Even though we can’t test almost every Wi-Fi®-enabled device on the market, we don’t know of any that don’t work with eero.

There are a lot of connected devices out there, but we’ve tested eero with all of the ones below, and it worked well with all of them:

  • Computers
  • Mac Laptop / Desktop
  • PC Laptop / Desktop
  • Linux Laptop / Desktop
  • Phones
  • iPhone
  • Android Phone
  • Game Machine
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Sony Playstation 3 and 4
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Services for software
  • Airplay
  • Skype / Facetime
  • Tablets
  • Kindle
  • Android Tablet
  • iPad
  • Home Things
  • Google Home devices
  • Nest Cams
  • The Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Guard
  • Philips Hue
  • Belkin WeMo / WeMo
  • LIFX
  • Amazon Echo
  • (Wired or wireless) Sonos
  • Circle
  • Services for security
  • Ring Services
  • Dropcam Pro
  • What Canaries Make
  • Products from August
  • Services for Streaming
  • The Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • TiVo
  • Slingbox
  • Steam Link, Zotac NEN box, or a controller

Note: If you’re having trouble with a Circle on your eero network, try connecting it directly to your gateway eero (related to your modem) with an Ethernet cable.

How do I add a new eero device to my network?

Follow the steps below to add a new eero device to your existing network.

Step 1

Tap the blue + in the top right corner of the Home tab of the eero mobile app. Then, choose Add or Replace an eero Device from the menu that appears.

Step 2

You will be asked whether you want to add a new eero device or replace the one you already have.

Step 3

Follow the instructions for setting up the app, which will show you how to add your new eero device. You can repeat the process if you need to add another eero device.