Sonos and eero issues

How Do I Fix Sonos and eero issues?

Sonos works great for most customers, but some have told us about problems. In our tests, we’ve seen that changes to your Internet network can affect your Sonos system. So if you make a big change to your Sonos settings or get a new wireless router, you may need to take a few extra steps to make sure Sonos still works. Since installing eero, if you’ve had Sonos and eero issues like music that skips or speakers that don’t show up in your Sonos app, you may need to re-link your speakers to your new wireless network.

Please follow the steps below from Sonos to fix these problems:

How to hook up your Sonos and eero issues system to your new router

If these steps don’t work, check out the tips we’ve found to be helpful.

If you want to use SonosNet, a dedicated Sonos mesh network, you should only connect one Sonos device to an ethernet cable.

DO NOT plug Sonos players into eero units that aren’t the gateway. This could slow down the way your Sonos devices talk to each other.

For larger systems, it’s best to have a separate Ethernet switch for all Sonos devices. You may also want to turn off WiFi on units that are on a rack, like 10 Sonos Amps on an equipment rack. However, make sure at least one hardwired unit (either on the rack or somewhere else) has WiFi on so that other units can connect via SonosNet.

If Sonos devices are plugged into a managed switch, ensure that the switch doesn’t use the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).

If you have more than 3 Sonos zones, ensure one is wired into Ethernet. Then, remove the WiFi network from the system and run everything over SonosNet. Make sure that SonosNet is set to channel 11. (if possible).

Ensure the Sonos system is set to auto-update and that all products can work with S2.

How do I connect my new router to my Sonos?

You can set up your Sonos in several ways, such as using an Ethernet cable or a Sonos Boost. You should choose a standard setup if you want to set up your speaker with Wi-Fi.

You can use these steps if you are connecting your eero os version 3.12 issue and Sonos to the internet for the first time, if you are getting a new router, or if you have changed your network settings and need help getting back to the speaker.

To use Standard Setup, do the following:

Plug your Sonos into the wall where your Wi-Fi router can reach it.

The Sonos app can be downloaded on PC/Mac, iOS, or Android.

Open the app and tap “Set up a new Sonos system.”

Choose “Standard Setup.”

Choose the one you want to set up.

The app will tell you to hold the Play/Pause and Volume Up buttons simultaneously or the Join button.

What Sonos speaker do you have?

Choose “Add Another Player” and do it again if you want to add more speakers.

Check out our Sonos Setup Guide for a more detailed look at how to set up your brand-new Sonos.

I can’t get my Sonos to work with my Wi-Fi router.

Sonos works differently than most Bluetooth speakers because it uses your home internet network. There are many easy things you can do to make sure your speaker and router keep working well together.

Make sure that the device you want to stream music from is connected to your speaker’s Wi-Fi network before you go any further. If you change networks, you’ll have to go back and set up your speaker again.

If you don’t want to deal with Wi-Fi, you can always use an Ethernet cable to connect the speaker to your router. This isn’t the best way to solve the problem, but it will do if you’re throwing a party and don’t have time to work on it right now.

What if my Wi-Fi connection is just too weak?

If you want to put Sonos speakers in the farthest corners of your home but aren’t sure how good your Wi-Fi is, you might want to get a Sonos Boost.

When you connect a Sonos Boost to your router, all your other devices will still connect, but your Sonos devices will be redirected to the Boost on a separate wireless network. If you bought more than one speaker, your Boost would send the wireless signal from one device to the next in a “daisy chain.” This can make a big difference in the quality of the signal, especially in larger homes.
*Please note that if you aren’t having any Sonos and eero issues network and have one of the configurations or settings above, please keep your system as it is. These tips are only for people who are having trouble.

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