How To Put Eero In Pairing Mode

How To Put Eero In Pairing Mode? Let’s Do It!

If you run into any issues while setting up your Eero or when connecting a new Eero to an existing network, you might need to do some additional troubleshooting steps to get the problem resolved. If you see an error message that looks like one of the ones listed below or wants to do an eero in pairing mode, just follow the instructions that go along with it.

Bluetooth has been disabled.

If the Bluetooth on your phone is turned off when you begin the setup process of how to put eero in pairing mode, you will be prompted to turn it on to finish setting up your device. It is recommended that Bluetooth be turned on so your Eero can link with the network you already have and complete the registration process. If you set up your eero manually, you can select Set up using the serial number from the menu, which is located on the underside of your device.

Multiple eeros were discovered.

You should set up one Eero at a time when configuring a network that consists of multiple Eero network. In other words, you need to turn on each Eero individually and configure and register it using the app by following the on-screen prompts. If you want to plug in all of your Eeros at the same time, you can determine which Eero is prepared for setup and registration by looking for the Eero with a green LED that is lit all the time.

No eero was located.

If you get a screen that says “No eero discovered,” it is possible that your eero is disconnected, the Bluetooth on your phone is turned off, or your phone is located in an area where it is no longer in range of your eero. Verify that the eero is powered on (the LED should flash blue), that the Bluetooth feature on your phone is turned on, and that it is within the eero. Tap the Set up using the serial number option if you experience this problem. The serial number is located on the underside of your eero.

I already registered eero; it’s connected to a separate network.

If the app indicates that the Eero is already connected to another network, you will need a hard reset to remove any previous settings. To accomplish this, ensure that the Eero is powered on, and then proceed to press and hold the reset button until the Eero begins to blink red. From that point on, attempt to connect the Eero to the network.

insufficient connection

If you find how to put the eero pairing mode, we will analyze it to evaluate whether or not it is situated in the most advantageous location within your network. You will notice a screen that reads “Poor connection” if the location of your additional Eero to the rest of your network isn’t as strong as it should be. The screen will also provide you with other measures to improve the placement of your Eero.

Bridging your eeros

The first choice available is to switch your eeros into bridge mode. In this case, you will still receive all of the advantages of using eeros mesh. On the other hand, you will make your upstream router responsible for managing the link between your network and your Internet service provider. It is also important to know that if you use eeros in bridge mode, you will not have access to many of its more complex functions.

You need to double-NAT your eeros.

Although it may appear complicated, giving your eeros a double NAT is quite straightforward.

Contrary to what the Eero app advises, you should not connect your gateway Eero directly to your modem if you already have a router in addition to your modem. Instead, you should connect your Eero gateway to the router you already have. From that point on, proceed to complete the setup by following the instructions in the eero app.

If you have a modem/router combo device, all you need to do to set up your gateway Eero is plug it into the combo device and then follow the instructions provided from there. In this scenario, you also have the choice of configuring your modem/router combo device to operate in bridge mode, which will function as a modem. Check out this article for further reading.

When implementing double NAT, you must ensure that the SSID and password for your Eero network are different from those of your existing network. The simultaneous operation of two networks that share the same SSID will bring about technical issues.

You’re still having problems, are you?

If despite following the instructions, you continue to experience difficulties with how to get eero in pairing mode, you should connect your additional Eero to the gateway Eero using Ethernet (the one connected to your modem).

If you are successful in setting up your Eero through this method, you can then detach the Ethernet cable that connects the two Eero devices and position the additional Eero within 40 feet of an existing Eero device. Launch the eero application and touch on the corresponding eero at the bottom of the screen if you want to test the connection of this wireless eero after moving it to a new location. After that, you can view the signal strength that particular eero has in the network. Check out this article for further reading.

Please get in touch with eero support by visiting dashboard.eero if you are still having problems adding an extra eero, and the solutions given above did not enable you to finish the setup process. We are more than pleased to help you address put eero in pairing mode and ensure that all of your eeros can connect to the network you already have.

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