Eero Not Turning On

Eero Not Turning On: Ways to Fix It!

Eero promises the best internet and network solutions with their wireless mesh systems. The eeros are known to extend the wireless coverage, but they have also designed a beacon to extend the wireless internet coverage of the current mesh system. It can be connected with the eero routers or directly to the internet.  The beacon works well with first-generation, second-generation, and third-generation Eero, but many users have shared reservations regarding the eero not turning on, which is why we are sharing some solutions with you!

Tips to Fix Eero Not Turning On Issue

Are you also tired of your eero not turning on? Well, there are multiple surefire ways that can resolve your issue. All you need to do is to follow them dedicatedly. Here we have encapsulated a few tips to help you out. Keep reading!

Restart the Router

The first step is to reset the eero beacon. This is accomplished by temporarily disconnecting the eero beacon from the router, waiting 30 seconds, and then reconnecting it. Because of this, all of the connection problems will be fixed. When the beacon becomes eero flashing white , the reboot is finished and the device may establish an internet connection. Just be patient, as it will take the beacon a few moments to set up the link.

Invoke The Router’s Restart Function

If your Eero beacon is linked to the router instead of an internet port, you may need to restart the router in order to restore connectivity. The eero router may be rebooted by disconnecting it from power for a few minutes but then plugging it back in to establish a new network. Remember that the beacon’s operation depends on the router having the proper software configurations and settings, and that restarting the router may resolve the problem.

Try using Bridge Mode

Alternatively, you might try switching your router to bridge mode. This is so because the range of a wireless network may be increased and more devices can be linked together using a eero in bridge mode. As an added bonus, switching to bridge mode may increase your internet speed without affecting the stability of your connection in any way. The bridge mode would provide similar assistance to the beacon. To activate bridge mode on your router, see its user manual if you’re unsure how. To guarantee the beacon connects properly after enabling bridge mode, a router reset is required.

Check Establishing a Web Connection

Since the beacon relies on the internet to operate, any disruption to the internet access will also impact the beacon. Therefore, in order to speed up your internet connection, you should either attempt resetting the router or contacting the internet service provider. Connect the beacon after your internet is up and running smoothly, and we guarantee you will see immediate improvements in performance. To fix internet connectivity issues, you may either reset the router or set up an Ethernet connection.

Get in Touch with Eero’s Tech Support Team

If you still face the issue and it shows eero light not turning on, it may be because of a problem with the internal wiring, which can only be resolved by contacting eero’s technical assistance. This is so because if there are any hardware problems with the beacon, the technical staff may either repair it or send a new one.

Whenever there’s a power outage, how do I reboot the Eero?

One possible solution to Internet connection issues is to reset the Eero router. However, a router loop must be performed before a hard reset is attempted. By doing so, the device will be unregistered from the network and all user data will be erased. Hold down the Eero’s reset button for 20 seconds to begin. Let go of the button once this amount of time has passed. A red light will appear on the eero, and you will need to reset the device. Blue flashes indicate that it is ready for setup after a reboot.

You need to get online first to resolve the eero not lighting up issue. This may prevent Eero from detecting any activity and force it to shut off. If you’re using it, ensure the connection is solid. You may try resetting the device’s settings if the signal weakens and the light continues to flicker blue. All it takes to achieve this is to install the Eero app on your mobile device. First, launch the app and sign in. Then, choose the “Advanced” tab.

After doing a hard reset, your Eero router should be rebooted and turned back on. If the system is turned off while it is running, the network interface will be lost. A complete reboot is your best bet if you’re having connectivity issues with the Internet. When that’s done, you may start sending traffic back to eero.


This inclusive guide explains a lot about the Eero Not Turning On. If you’re still facing some issues with the eero router then you can contact the experts. We have the best team of professionals who wish to help you resolve the issue at the earliest. To know more, hook to dashboard.eero now!

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