Eero Not Connecting To Internet

My Eero Not Connecting To The Internet? How To Fix It

Eero is an effective WiFi system, without a doubt. Every room in your home has access to the internet thanks to its connections with other Eeros. But if you’re having trouble eero not connecting to internet network without an internet connection, this guide will show you how to fix it.

Eero abruptly goes down because the modem cannot connect to the internet.

Therefore, read this article to the finish if you’re looking for troubleshooting techniques.

Why does my Eero prohibit internet use?

Your Eero may occasionally lose internet connection but continue transmitting WiFi signals. Additionally, you don’t receive notifications until you load a website or refresh your social network feed.

Due to the lack of internet, the eero not connecting WiFi network may not offer any benefits.

These possible causes of this dysfunction include:

  • a poor internet experience
  • Connectivity issues with Eero
  • Hardware Problems

Why is the WiFi on my Eero red?

A red light on your Eero means there is no internet connection. Additionally, the Eero gadget is constantly searching for a reliable internet connection when in this mode.

So let’s solve Eero by performing the following troubleshooting steps.

How Can I Get My Eero WiFi Fixed?

You can fix your eero won’t connect to internet WiFi using the techniques listed below.

Restart the modem and routers of Eero (Power Cycle)

The Eero routers can be restarted or soft reset as the initial solution. Restart your modem as well.

Any minor software and connectivity issues can be resolved by restarting Eero and the modem. Additionally, you must restart each device separately. Why?

Eero merely replaces your existing WiFi system because it is not a modem. Therefore, the Eeros will just replace your router.

Additionally, an internet cable must connect the Eero gateway to your cable or DSL modem. You receive an internet connection through your internet service provider (ISP) modem. As a result, you will have internet access after you connect both devices with an ethernet wire.

Now carry out the power cycle by following these procedures.

Eero Power Cycle

  • Remove the power cord from the outlet.
  • Wait ten to twenty seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cord. The eero blinking white, as you can see.
  • Wait until the light stops flickering and turns completely white. That indicates that the Eero has successfully been rebooted.

Power-off/on the modem

  • Your modem’s power cable needs to be disconnected from the outlet.
  • Hold off for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Reconnect the cord now.
  • Try connecting your devices to Eero WiFi once the power and internet connection lights have stabilized.
  • Connectivity problems could be resolved by restarting both devices. You must speak with your ISP if they fail to provide you with a reliable internet connection.

Speak with an Internet service provider

Your ISP is delivering your internet connection. Therefore, get in touch with your ISP if your eero internet not working or is slow, or disconnects frequently.

However, it’s also possible that although one Eero node has a strong internet connection, the other doesn’t.

Therefore, you must now independently check the Eero network device’s condition.

Eero Network Configuration

The Eero app allows you to monitor the status of the Eero network. Both Apple and Android devices can use the software.

The network health check, however, is only accessible through the iOS app.

To check the Eero network speed, adhere to the following steps:

  • Activate the Eero app.
  • Access Settings.
  • Choose Help. Four options will now be available to you.
  • Choose the solution that best addresses the problem you are having.
  • The application will do a health check when you choose the option. The app will show results and propose the next steps after you finish the review.

The problems, though, might not be remedied. So try the next technique if your Eero is still not getting internet from the ISP.

Examine the Ethernet cable connections

You should examine the wired connection because the Eero network uses numerous Eeros. Additionally, if the ethernet cable is not correctly plugged in, you will experience connectivity problems.

Start by connecting the modem and the primary Eero device by wire.

Next, examine additional ethernet connections that connect the Eero and wireless routers.

Additionally, your ISP won’t be able to provide you with internet service if the ethernet cable is broken or damaged. Therefore, carefully verify the RJ45 heads on both ends while setting up an Ethernet connection.

Examine the Ethernet ports

Make sure the ethernet connection on your computer is operational before using a cable to connect your Eero router.

You may check how well the ports work by attaching a new connection with the identical RJ45 head.

So let’s move on to the next troubleshooting step if the ports are operating correctly but you still have issues.

How Do I Reset My Eero WiFi to Factory Settings?

Search for the reset button

eero not connecting to internet

Press the button repeatedly until you see the red LED light flashing.

Turn the button off.

The blue LED light will begin to blink. That demonstrates that the Eero gadget has been successfully reset. You can now complete the setup procedure. The Eero secure function must be enabled to stop intruders from interfering with your wireless network.

In addition, all of the Eero network-connected devices will be unplugged.


See if the Eero is operating correctly by trying each of the troubleshooting of eero pro not connecting to the internet methods listed above. Get in touch with Eero support by visiting dashboard.eero if the connectivity problems continue. They will repair the Eero network device for you with their qualified staff.

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