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Make the most of your wifi by using a quick, robust network.

How Do I Access eero Admin Login

Access the administrative controls of your eero Router using these steps for eero dashboard login.

  • Join the router to the computer using the wire. You might also try connecting through Wi-Fi.
  • Setting up an Eero router using a wired connection is recommended. In this way, you won’t lose your session just as you’re about to save your modifications.
  • Launch your preferred web browser and enter the eero router’s IP address into the address bar. An IP address is printed on the device’s rear
eero login
  • In order to log in to the router’s control panel and use the default password, you must first visit the router’s administration interface. If you have forgotten your eero login and password, you may attempt one of the factory-set defaults.
eero login

Need eero Help? - dashboard.eero

Perhaps you are using an incorrect eero admin login or password while attempting to access your router. Take note of both once you’ve made the adjustments. 

Don’t Remember Your Password? Don’t give up until you’ve tried resetting your router’s password. A little black button should be located at the rear of your router; push and hold it for about 10 seconds. It will return your router to its original configuration.

Can’t access the router’s admin page? First, check that your computer or mobile device is linked to a wi-fi network. You should also double-check to see whether an incorrect IP address is currently being used by the router.

Sometimes there might be delays in page loads or general slowness. Your network most likely has a unique IP address in this scenario. In this case, please refer to our IP address routers list for assistance in determining the correct address. Check out our guide on locating the router’s IP address if you want assistance.

How Can I Login To eero App

Any eero router (such the Home Wi-Fi System (A010001),B010001, or Beacon) may be accessed by entering its IP address, user name, and password. The eero router handbook is where you’ll discover this knowledge. However, the fast instruction below may be used in place of the manual if you do not have access to or do not choose to go through the whole document in order to locate the default eero dashboard login information. You can even follow these steps for eero dashboard login in your device

eero login

Guide to eero Router Login - dashboard.eero

  • To enter the router’s internet user interface, fire up your preferred internet browser, enter (the default IP address for eero routers), and hit Enter. 
  • A username and password input box should appear.
  • Ensure that you inspect the base of your router. Your credentials are stored in that location. If not, see your router’s documentation.
  • To access the router’s administrative interface, type in the username and password and then press the “Enter” button.
  • If the above username and password didn’t work, try this alternative.
  • If you’ve already tried these and are still unable to access your eero router login admin page or dashboard.eero there is another solution. Do you know what your eero router’s model number is? Great! Choose your phone from the drop-down menu, and you’ll be sent to a page with helpful information and a link to the user manual, tailored just for your gadget.

Default login IPs for my eero router

To make modifications to the router’s security settings, you may require access to its online interface. Most individuals are clueless about what their router’s IP address is. An IP address is a number that may be found on the back or bottom of your router. However, there are other ways to get the router’s IP for Eero app login ( you cannot locate it or in the user guide. Every eero router IP address that has ever been discovered is included in the table below.

access To Eero With IP Address
Create eero Account

How To Create eero Account - dashboard.eero

You can get started with eero Plus in seconds. Before you do anything else, be sure:

  • Using an eero WiFi network
  • The eero app is now running on your mobile device (iOS or Android)
  • It seems that your eero WiFi equipment is not set to bridge mode.
  • When setting up their connection for the first time, all eero customers will be offered a Free Trial.

You may join eero Plus by visiting and following these steps:

  • Visit to set up your account.
  • Click here to input the verification code and sign in with your eero membership email or Amazon account now.
  • Choose your preferred subscription type (monthly or yearly)
  • Just hit “Buy Now” after entering your credit card details.
  • Check the eero Plus area of the eero app’s Discover menu to see whether your membership has been successfully applied.

To join eero Plus on your mobile device running iOS or Android, please do the following:

  • Launch the eero app.
  • Select ‘Discover’.
  • Select ‘eero Plus.’ Click the ‘Subscribe’ button.
  • To buy using your device’s payment processor, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Payment is handled through the App Store for iOS & Google Play for Android.
  • Check that your membership has been applied in the eero app’s eero Plus segment of the navigation under ‘Discover.’

Do you want to make a modification to your premium membership?

Your membership will remain active until you cancel it by going to the eero login page. If you do not want your membership to remain auto-renewing, you must discontinue it at least 24-hours until the next paying month starts by following the steps below. Otherwise, you may modify your subscription following the procedures outlined below.

  • Sign up by calling eero at the number indicated above, sending an email to, or logging into your account and going to the “Change/Cancel Subscription” page of your “Account Settings” page.
  • Signups for Google Play
  • Signups for iOS

How can I locate the gateway IP of my Eero router?

You can quickly get your eero router’s standard IP address if you changed it and didn’t recall it by following the steps below 

(This also functions when DHCP is used to assign the router’s IP address.)

access To Eero With IP Address

Can You Login To Eero With IP Address

Because some of the designs do not adhere to the standards, you must verify the table above if the usual default does not function. If you are linked towards the router’s network, you may also follow the guidelines for determining your eero router IP.

You’ll probably need a eero login and password to access the online interface as well. If you can locate your brand in the list, there’s a hyperlink to the model’s default settings. You may also examine the Default eero credential list to try on that one as most eero devices use the identical default users and passwords.

Tip: To rapidly search for the model number, use ctrl+f (or cmd+f on a Mac).

Windows eero router IP location

  • Press Open the run prompt by pressing Win + rA.
  • CMD should be typed into the field and entered.
  • A command window will appear.
  • At the command prompt, type the following command: ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway”.
  • It will display your default gateway, presumably something like

Windows eero router IP location

  • Press Open the run prompt by pressing Win + rA.
  • CMD should be typed into the field and entered.
  • A command window will appear.
  • At the command prompt, type the following command: ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway”.
  • It will display your default gateway, presumably something like

Locate the OS X eero router IP

  • Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal will launch the OS X Terminal.
  • Or you may type terminal by pressing CMD+SPACE.
  • Enter the command as follows: Hit Enter after typing netstat -nr | grep default.
  • You’ll see your eero router’s default IP address, which looks like

Tips to Create an eero account?

The eero app is your entry point for establishing, changing, and analyzing your eero connection, but we wanted to introduce a more straightforward approach in this connected world filled with usernames and passwords. Instead than creating a password and username to use the eero app, you simply need to log in using one of two eero login details: either a personal email address or a mobile phone number. You won’t need to remember a password after receiving a one-time-use passcode to get access to the app.

Your Default Password

You should already have one password validated as part of registration if you followed these instructions to establish your eero network (preferably the email address registered). You only need this one credential to use the eero app and continue monitoring the network, but we advise you to take a minute to confirm your backup credential, which is often an email address.

How to Access eero From Web Browser

I’ve seen several articles that claim you can use a web browser to connect to your home’s EERO router. With earlier routers, I have been doing this for decades. The router for my network was configured as I get a notice saying that this client isn’t permitted access when I input that URL in the Firefox browser. I’m not sure how to make it possible. I now have to use an iPhone app to operate the network. I’d prefer to use my Windows 7 computer. You may also see the error message image in the attached.

How to set up Eero with Existing router?

How to set up Eero with Existing router?

We advise replacing your existing router with your eero WiFi system and plugging your gateway eero straight into your modem in order to make the most of the eero WiFi system. However, you are more than welcome to continue using your current router.

You will also have two choices for utilizing your eeros in this situation: setting them to bridge mode or the double NATing them. Below, we’ll go a little further into all of the following use scenarios.

Connecting your eeros

Your eeros may be set into bridge mode as your first choice. You will still enjoy all of the advantages of eeros mesh in this situation. You will, however, let your upstream router handle the network-to-ISP connection. It should be noted that many sophisticated capabilities will be lost while utilizing eeros in bridge mode.

See this page if you’d want to bridge your eeros.

NATing your eeros twice

Double NAT-ing the eeros is quite easy, despite the fact that it may seem hard.

Don’t connect your gateway eero straight into your modem, contrary to what the eero app recommends, if your router and modem are separate. Instead, connect your gateway Eero to the router you already have. After that, proceed with the remaining setup steps in your eero app.

Simply connect the gateway eero into your modem/router combination device if you have one, then follow the installation guide from there. In this situation, you also have the choice to switch your modem/router combination equipment into bridge mode, which will limit its functionality to that of a modem. See this article for further details.

Use a different password and SSID for your eero network from your current network while double NATing. Technical issues will arise if two networks that share the same SSID are active at once. 

Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you have any more inquiries. Any questions or concerns are welcome, and we are pleased to assist.

Frequently Ask Questions

While eero may serve as a replacement for your router, it cannot replace your modem. The original eero is designed to work with your current cable and DSL modem. If you’ve a modem/router combo device, you can use only the modem functionality by switching it to bridge mode.

If you want your eero to work, you must use the power cable it comes with. It has been meticulously crafted and rigorously tested to ensure that your eero receives the exact quantity of power it requires. Inaccurate power delivery from other adapters might degrade eero’s reliability.

Flexibility is increased in Ethernet cables. Don’t fret if you can’t find the Ethernet cable that came with the eero order; you can pair any Ethernet connection with it.

Using the same hostname (SSID) and password for numerous eero networks might be convenient if you use your account to connect devices in different residences or other places. Having the same credentials for both networks makes switching between them much simpler.

Multiple networks with the same name on the same account will not exchange any information, including device monikers, network settings, Family Accounts, or eero Secure options. With respect to each network, you’ll want to customize these settings to your liking.

Nope Like eeros, eero Beacons function as network access points.

For optimal network performance, eero employs TrueMesh, its own unique mesh technology. This ensures that your devices have a constant connection and get the adequate speeds required to provide the same wonderful experience wherever you are in the house.

Each eero Beacon, like every eero, functions as an entry point for your home network. You can keep your network’s speed, reliability, and adaptability using eero & eero Beacons instead of using a range extender.

Therefore, eero Beacons can communicate with both eeros and other eero Beacons. But a range extender can only talk to your router, thus it can only extend your network as far as your router can.

You can’t utilize an eero Beacon as the hub of your network. Your upstream modem and device must be connected to your gateway eero on the network via Ethernet, thus a first- or second-generation eero is required.

Your eero gateway will serve as the hub for further eero Beacons to cover more of your house.

You’ll need to enter your credit card details and billing address when going to sign up for eero Secure. Stripe is used to handle these transactions. We don’t keep any record of your financial data.

Connecting your eeros is crucial for the health of your mesh network. If you put your eeros correctly the first time, you won’t have to adjust their positions again. The “Connection information” section found under each individual eero may be used to optimize wireless connection to your gateway eero if you experience any slowdowns or feel like you’re not receiving the optimum speed.

We at eero recognised that one of the most common causes of user irritation with conventional routers was the time and effort required to get everything set up, so we set out to streamline the process as much as possible. So, if you’re a seasoned network administrator or just getting started with WiFi in your house, eero is the way to go.

While our software will lead you through the steps and handle the majority of the work, it’s helpful to have an idea of what to anticipate.

Using the eero iOS app, you may restart your system by going to the Home screen and then tapping the Online status icon in the middle of the screen. The Reset option is located at the bottom of the menu that appears when you tap the eero you want to reset. To restart eero, click the Reset button & then choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

In order to restart your eero via the Android app, go to the Home screen, touch the eero you want to restart, and then press Restart eero. Tap the blue Reset eero button on the Reset eero screen to initiate the reboot. This will instantly initiate a restart, which will cause your Eero to go offline as it turns back on.